Jim Glidewell, CDT

As the advancements of the digital age continue to merge with innovations in dentistry, staying knowledgeable about the latest materials, tools, and techniques is necessary for those in the dental profession. Dentistry is not immune to a world full of automated services and convenient customer experiences. Practicing doctors are quickly moving toward a new standard of care that needs to meet patients’ demands for more efficient, effective and affordable treatments and solutions. Learn more about how to adapt to a new era in dentistry with Glidewell Dental.  

More about Jim Glidewell

Jim Glidewell is the founder and CEO of Glidewell Dental, the world’s largest privately owned provider of restorative dental solutions. In 1970, Mr. Glidewell officially opened his lab to the public. Although his company initially started on his kitchen table, Jim applied a unique combination of technical knowledge, business principles, and marketing philosophies to quickly grow Glidewell into the recognized dental industry leader that it is today.

Still driven by his mission to make rehabilitative dentistry affordable to all, Mr. Glidewell employs a diverse team of over 4,000 employees. Joined in his pursuits are certified technicians, engineers, scientists, clinicians and support personnel, who all believe in his mission of advancing high-quality, cost-efficient materials. In addition to his work in driving change in dentistry, he also serves as an advocate for continued education. Glidewell currently supports numerous free education platforms, instructional courses and programs, which assist in providing enhanced knowledge to practicing dentists.